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La mostra virtuale ha ancora bisogno di tempo perché non abbiamo ancora trovato un programma adatto.

Il mio libro probabilmente richiederà un po 'più di tempo.

Solitude among many, in this society. Not noticed, treated like a bastard, I was there after all. Outcast by everyone. Under the pretext of making me a better person. In the past, like today, you did not notice what you had done to me.  

Soul images that speak

Even before I was born. Because of my mother, who was under guardianship for no reason (Practicel of Adminisrative detention) i too was under guardianship after my birth until I was 20 years old. Our guardians, carers, welfare worker, poor relief, churches, institutions, private persons have committed crimes against us in the sense of compulsory measures for administrative purposes (Institutionalized arbitrariness) I was exposed to physical violence. And has been sexually abused several times.  

Was just a child and was the victim of too many perpetrators in too many places. I, the second generation of a Reformed mother who lived in a Catholic canton at the time and was a minor.In addition. From an Italian guest worker as a father, was i born out of wedlock in Switzerland in 1963 and treated like a bastard.

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